Virtual experiences & Commercial Design

As sales move online,we have to adapt. We help you to move, replicate or adapt your physical retail space to the digital world.

Retail & Custome Experiences

Offer your customers the possibility to immerse themselves into your world online and in real-time: the applications are endless.

Showrooms, Fairs & Events

Show  a virtual concept room with your products with the last connectivity technologies. 


Hotels, Residence & Residential

From early stages of planning and design of any real estate projects,  developers can provide and show and share the best and most realistic visualization of the developemt with their investors, lenders and customers. 


Offices Spaces

Show the variety of configurations and options you can have in an office space to potential renters or buyers, before making any investment on adapting the space.


Resturant and mention Event Organizers and Planners 

From the initial idea to the concept all the way through to the realization, design your project with 1CD and use the quick visualization to determine how to maximize the attractiveness of your restaurant to potential customers. You can even make them part of the concept phase and get feedback before investing, but not only that, engaging with them and creating a relationship long before you even open.


 Auto & Motor Cycle Exhibition 

Imagine your costumers walking through your car exhibition online, from the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world, have a sales representative walk them through it in real-time or through video, giving customers the possibility to click on any element to get more information or even to change colors or other characteristics. How would your clients respond to this interactive experience?


Virtual Supermarket &  shops 

Invite your customers to take a look around the 360 interactive supermarket or shop. They can see the detail of each of your products and demand more information by clicking on it or just buy. 
The customers can also do e-commerce. 



CGI / VR / AR / Virtual Tours / Free Walks

1Clickdesign Floor Planner


Virtual Reality 


Customized Furniture

360º Virtual Tour

Different Configurations

Photo 360

Buy the furniture

Geo Location Video  

Videoconferencing + Analytics”

Virtual Tour